Apache Admin

HQware takes administering Apache web servers management into a new era. Experience comprehensive and easy-to-use windows management of the Worlds leading web server software today. Perfect for both novice administrators and seasoned veterans

Apache Logs Viewer  v.2.0.14

Apache Logs Viewer (ALV) is a free and powerful tool which lets you monitor, view and analyze Apache/IIS logs with more ease.


Apache Commander  v.1 2

Apache Commander is a software complex for administering and configuring Apache web servers.

Apache Log Viewer  v.3.00

Apache Log Viewer is a free tool which lets you monitor/view and analyze apache logs with more ease. It offers search and filter functionality for the log file, together with highlighting the various http requests based on their status code.

Apache Log Files Analyser  v.12.10.01

The software has two editions- freeware edition and enterprise edition. The freeware edition can be used for lifetime without paying a single penny but has limited features. On the other hand, the enterprise edition is fully functional.

Apache HTTP Server  v.2. 2. 2021

Apache HTTP Server is a web server that accomplishes with current HTTP standards. This web server provides all the features and the options provided by any HTTP server with great performance and absolute control of it.

Apache CouchDB  v.1 1

Apache CouchDB is a document-oriented database that can be queried and indexed in a MapReduce fashion using JavaScript. CouchDB also offers incremental replication with bi-directional conflict detection and resolution.

Apache Tomcat  v.7.0

Apache Tomcat is an open source servlet engine and a J2EE container. It is very helpful for a developer and it is compliant with almost all the security standard features required for system administrators.

Apache Warrior  v.

A fun filled bow and arrow game. It is a story* about an apache warrior who vowed to avenge the death of his tribe. *It is a fictious story and bears no resemblence to any real

Apache Defender  v.

It's just you and your Apache Attack Helicopter on an unsanctioned solo mission to preserve whats left of the civilized world. A computer glitch has caused the worlds' governments to mistakenly unlease their nuclear arsenals,

Apache Wicket for Linux  v.6.6.0

With proper mark-up/logic separation, a POJO data model, and a refreshing lack of XML, Apache Wicket makes developing web-apps simple and enjoyable again.

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